WHO GAVE THE TITLE “MAHATMA” TO GANDHI ? Apparently not Tagore..

It is commonly believed that Rabindranath Tagore first bestowed the name. However, this is incorrect

it was Nagar sheth of Jetpur Shri Nautamlal B. Mehta (Kamdar) Niranjan Mehta’s grand Father. who was the first to use and bestow “Mahatma” for Shri Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi on January 21, 1915 at Kamri Bai School, Jetpur, India. From then on, Gandhiji was known as Mahatma Gandhi. . Read the original documents about the day Gandhi became Mahatma (Manpatra) by clicking here! Also you will read similar Manpatra was given to Smt Kasturba Gandhi too for more info and detail please see  www.kamdartree.com or http://www.nautamlalmehta.com/

National Gandhi Museum, Rajghat also has prominently displayed the documents.

Shri Niranjam Mehta, who has posted this in Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/niranjan.mehta ) has also sought views on this subject saying “It was Nautamlal Bhagavanji Mehta who first coined or used the title ‘Mahatma’ for Mohanlal Karamchand Gandhi on 21/1/1915… if any one any has other info, or claim please come up with picture, documents.and events date.  “


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1 Response to WHO GAVE THE TITLE “MAHATMA” TO GANDHI ? Apparently not Tagore..

  1. Respected Bhai shri Pattaabhiji . thank for your writing a very authentic blog to protect Gandhian and indian history on ” who coined ” Mahatma’ word for Gandhiji.
    i as a grandson of Nautamlal Mehta kept on doing my research on this matter. adding more info at below my blog with more authentic documents.
    NO other claim or story has any events date, or documents, NOR mahatma ever knew someone it telling him “mahatma”. ONLY at Jetpur with Nautamlal Bhagawanji Mehta’s event “Mahtmaji publicly received a “manpatra” ( citation) not only that, it ‘Manpatra” was signed by 48 local citizens.

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