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A work week !

Analyse your work environment …..     Monday             Tuesday             Wednesday         Thursday            Friday                 … Continue reading

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This is one of the first mails received from Shri K Govindan in 2003.. Shri Govindan has recently sent his 30,000 EMail Forward.. ======================== A DARK AND STORMY NIGHT Wednesday, September 3, 2003 1:32 AM From:  “Hari” <> To:  “Ravi … Continue reading

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Improve your eyesight – Eye Exercises:

Improve Eyesight – Eye Exercises: 1. Blink your eyes as fast as you can for some time. 2 .Close the eyes tightly for some time and then open. Do this for 5 times. 3. Roll your eyes in clockwise as … Continue reading

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