Cecil, a well-known male lion, living in Hwange Game Reserve, in Zimbabwe was lured away from the sanctuary of the park and killed by an illegal party of big game hunters July 1, 2015, according to the Zimbabwean government.

The hunter who killed the lion was identified by conservation groups as American Dr. Walter James Palmer, a dentist in Minneapolis.

(http://www.cbsnews.com/pictures/cecil-the-lion-killed-by-hunter/ )

The outcry about Cecil the Lion’s brutal killing is not just about one lion but about all the animals that are killed for trophies and the elephants and rhinos killed for their horns. It is a sad reminder about extinctions of animals and plants.

It is an uproar about the plundering of natural resources: the environmental degradation, the poisonous pollution filling the lungs of innocent people and the toxic chemicals dumped into rivers by greedy and selfish industries

These are tears for the disappearing forests; the ravaging droughts, hunger, poverty and climate change.

The outcry is about the injustices and environmental racism

People can still contribute to conservation by simply donating or sponsoring without being predatory or plundering our heritage.

Cecil’s killing will be a symbol of hope, responsibility, care, conservation and sustainability

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    Lol.. this is stupid. Thanks

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