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Improve your eyesight – Eye Exercises:

Improve Eyesight – Eye Exercises: 1. Blink your eyes as fast as you can for some time. 2 .Close the eyes tightly for some time and then open. Do this for 5 times. 3. Roll your eyes in clockwise as … Continue reading

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Home Emergency Book

  Here is a book which helps in cases of Home Emergencies like First Aids, Family Illness, Household emergencies, Natural Disasters, etc. It is really very informative and useful. A must for every Home.  Save it in your PC so … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on life

A  VERY  WARM  GUDMORNING TO ALL…………. Hope you can send the green dog back to ME!  Read Each One Carefully and Think About It at least Second or Two No man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who … Continue reading

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A to Z of Fruits

A 2 Z of Fruits Apple  Key benefits of apples Apples, known as a cleansing food, contain fibre, antioxidants and fruit flavonoids. The most important of the flavonoids contained in apples is quercetin, which has anti-inflammatory as well as anti-cancer … Continue reading

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The Don’t Quit – a poem

The Don’t Quit – a poem Click on the link below and ponder on the thoughts expressed.  I am sure you would never attempt to quit !! There are many times in life when we nearly give up on … Continue reading

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  CONTRIBUTE TO A NOBLE CAUSE There is a cute small round press button at the bottom right corner of almost all monitors: Please make use of this Stop printing out Harry Porter, Jeffrey Archer and other e-books. This is … Continue reading

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    About Sleep Things You Didn’t Know About Sleep                                                              … Continue reading

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